The humble dining table was once merely a platform for food to be laid upon. For centuries, in times of celebration, simple flower arrangements adorned many a home and event table. 

But now is the time to break free from the traditional and get creative with your theme, your catering, and our personality!  There are no rules.

Gather a few decorative elements together to create a wow the guests will remember. It can be as simple or lavish as your imagination. The once-formal pastime has made the comeback as a super-stylish trend!

The Collection

Tablescaping is an important part of any event - both in terms of function and aesthetics. ​


The Butler+Grace range has been curated for those wanting to create statement tables and creative displays.


Our range includes soft linen napkins and a range of candleware for all styles.

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Email:  contactus@butlerandgrace.com

Frequently Asked Questions

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